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آپدیت وبسایت EXO-L یه متنم داره اینقدر آسون بود دیگه معنی نکردم البته تنبلی هم شاملش میشد خخخخخ


In order to make a fabulous chance to see EXO-L all over the world,
goes to Jakarta and meet EXO-L on 6th September!

Attractive boy group EXO has two sides„ one side of EXO shows a charismatic performances
on the every stage and the other side takes a wit & cute talking time!

In the last concert in Singapore,
we can see BAEKHYUN & KAI’s ICE BUCKET with their beautiful mind.

Even they were bravely standing and waiting for on the stage,
they have no choice but to be shocked due to the ice water! ㅜ0ㅜ

Like the message BAEKHYUN & KAI gave, hope EXO-L has
a great chance to join this beautiful mission!
Let’s do all the good things with EXO & EXO-L ! ^^

Also an unforgettable Guanzhou concert !
We had a beautiful memory of your love like the card [ EXO♥KLM ]

All EXO-L, please watch us with telepathy in everywhere.
Also Please give us an eternal interest and love to EXO~~~ !!

Always appreciate! ^^

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