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EXO Line Character Sticker release”

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From October 7th EXO Line Character Stickers are available.

There are 40 stickers of the EXO members
each designed specifically to display their qualities.

The characters match the members so well you should come and see them right now!

EXO’s first characters released!
Fans please give them your attention.

Thank you.

[How to]

Find the ‘EXO’ character stickers at the link bellow!
URL(Kr) : //store.line.me/stickershop/product/1037325/ko
URL(GL) : //store.line.me/stickershop/product/1037325/en
URL(JP) : //store.line.me/stickershop/product/1037325/ja
Search EXO on Line Messenger, also try searching the name of your favourite member!”

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