EXO 2014 Wireless Music Awards

سه تا عکس از اکسو در جشنواره ی  Wireless Music Awards

دو تا دیگه ادامه

بچه ها اینم متنشه که چیزه خاصی نداشت ترجمه کنم بیشتر به مردمی بودن اکسو اشاره کرده

EXO continues to prove themselves to be a group of widespread popularity, receiving recognition for their talents and achievements, as they recently took home the grand prize at a major music awards show in China.

During the Miguhui Awards, which is a Chinese mobile wireless music awards ceremony that took place on December 13, the members of EXO received not one, but two different awards. The group was awarded with the ‘Asia Most Popular Group’ award for “Overdose,” as well as the ‘Best Performance’ award.

During their acceptance speech, they expressed, “It is an honor to receive such a great award. We thank everyone who works hard for us, and EXO-L, we really thank you and love you. We will become an EXO that can repay all of your love through good music and performances in the future.”

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