Chatting Event with Lay, Kai & Sehun

خب بچه ها چندنفرتون درخواست کرده بودین چت لی وکای و سهون رو بزارم اینی که من یافتم چته خود اعضاس یعنی سوالای فن هارو نزاشته فقط جوابای سهون اینا رو گذاشنه حالا اگه برا فن هارم یافتم میزارم فقط ترجمه نکردم چون خیلی زیاده و آسونه اگه جایی رو بلد نبودین بهم بگین همونجا براتون ترجمه میکنم… تونستین به هم کمک کنید بچه ها اگه کسی زبانش خوبه بچه ها رو راهنمایی کنه ممنون ازتون


Kai: Hello I’m EXO’s Kai
Sehun: Hello heh
Kai: kekekeke
Sehun: Kyakyakya
Sehun: Kyakyakya
Kai: Woah this is amazing
Sehun: Kyakyakya
Kai: it’s difficult
Sehun: ni hao
Kai: This is too difficult
Sehun: hahahah
Sehun: it’s too fast….
Sehun: I can’t see…
Kai: Everything passes by too quickly
Sehun: Let’s all do this slowly
Sehun: No more
Sehun: No more
Lay: ni hao
Sehun: Everyone
Sehun: Shh
Sehun: Let’s all be quiet!!
Sehun: Let’s!!
Sehun: Quiet!!
Sehun: Let’s!!
Lay: Hi
Kai: I don’t know perfume (t/n: or cologne; same word in Korean)
Sehun: Quiet
Sehun: Shh
Sehun: Me too
Kai: I read all of it hehe
Kai: I think the best are Kyochon and Barbeque (t/n: he’s talking about chicken seasoning)
Sehun: Let’s give up trying to be quiet
Kai: I focus while getting in the mood
Sehun: Insta is fun
Sehun: I like older (t/n: women)
Lay: Hello
Sehun: And younger (t/n: women) also
Kai: This place totally feels like a PC bang! (t/n: a LAN center; literally a PC “room”)
Sehun: I like all EXO-L, I like (t/n: EXO-L) the most
Lay: Thank you
Kai: It was cool because the moon was red
Sehun: Miranda Kerr.. is only Miranda Kerr..
Lay: Everyone
Lay: What are you doing
Kai: Yesterday too we ate Kyochon and BBQ hehe
Sehun: Alright come to Korea, let’s eat together
Kai: Can you see what I’m writing?
Kai: Actually I don’t know who Teo is ㅜㅜ
Kai: I found out yesterday
Kai: When you have time let’s eat with Teo
Sehun: Begin again~ the song that shows up towards the end
Kai: kekeke that’s why I quickly looked it up on the internet
Lay: There are lots of good songs in China
Sehun: I’m blocking everyone
Sehun: Then one more time
Lay: Everyone, can you read Chinese?
Kai: Do well on your exam hehehe
Sehun: Let’s all be quiet!! Let’s!!
Kai: Mint chocolate is the yummiest
Sehun: Let’s!
Sehun: Let’s!
Sehun: Let’s!
Lay: You’re all so fast ㅠㅠㅠ
Sehun: It’s lagging…
Kai: Rather than to work hard, I want to tell you to do your best
Sehun: I want to leave..
Sehun: What are you… doing now…
Kai: Monggu cutie
Lay: Sorry
Kai: I said it earlier too but Kyochon barbeque
Sehun: what///
Sehun: is this??
Kai: Get a perfect score~~
Sehun: What is this!
Sehun: I don’t wanna do this
Sehun: I wanna go home
Kai: Nowadays, Jjangeu cries when we go for a walk ㅠㅠ
Lay: I have to write in Chinese and I also have to write in Korean
Sehun: There’s a problem
Sehun: The computer isn’t good
Sehun: It’s lagging
Sehun: What is this…
Kai: Yes it’s totally a PC bang hehe
Lay: Everyone stay strong
Kai: For books, read the Les Thanatonautes series, time goes by fast because there’s a lot of them heh
Lay: There is nothing to be scared of because I’m here
Kai: I’m not sick hehe everyone don’t get sick either
Lay: Healing healing
Kai: I love EXO-L too ~_~
Sehun: Gong Bao Chicken, Hai Di Lao (t/n: Hot pot), Wanglaoji (t/n: beverage) // there’s more but.. I don’t know the names
Kai: Our hairdresser hyung is the best
Lay: hehehe
Sehun: I love you
Sehun: Everyone
Sehun: I wanna go
Sehun: …
Lay: I will write Korean
Kai: I love all our fans EXO-L ~_~ Actually I miss you all so much lately so soon I will write a post on the official homepage
Sehun: Should I not go?
Sehun: Alright~
Kai: hehe
Kai: There’s 10 minutes left
Kai: ㅜㅜ There’s only 10 minutes left..
Kai: (t/n: crying noises) ㅜㅜ
Kai: Honestly I’m even lazy to carry a backpack
Sehun: No~ It’s EXO-L
Lay: Thank you
Sehun: I don’t play those games… keke
Kai: You’re talking about Superstar SM right? I tried playing it but I couldn’t do it
Sehun: I just.. If it’s good, I use it
Lay: Thank you~
Kai: My fingers won’t move
Sehun: I don’t do those things
Sehun: I’m not very good at that
Kai: I’ll go with what Miyoung-sshi likes (t/n: the fan’s name)
Sehun: I just like it
Kai: Should we eat together?
Kai: I love you too
Kai: I don’t want to hold even paper bags ㅜㅜ
Kai: I also like EXO-L to death
Lay: It’s/I’m here (t/n: didn’t clarify what was here)
Sehun: I’m reading…
Sehun: This is so difficult
Sehun: Lay hyung got mad
Sehun: Because it’s so fast..
Kai: I’ll go with what Seohyun-sshi wants to eat (t/n: fan’s name)
Sehun: He (t/n: Lay) said he can’t do it
Sehun: Quickly
Sehun: Enough!!
Sehun: Enough~
Kai: I think this is complicated because it’s still our first time, let’s chat a lot and help each other
Sehun: I’m gonna give up …..
Sehun: …..
Sehun: Forget it…
Kai: I was sleeping before I came here so my condition is good
Sehun: I’m gonna sleep….
Kai: Don’t worry about my waist
Sehun: I love you too
Lay: Next time
Kai: Everyone, there are a lot of fans that worry that I’m hurt when I bend over after I’m done dancing but I do that because I’m out of breath~
Kai: Noona
Lay: This is really kkaepsong
Sehun: ahhhhhhh (t/n: keyboard smashing)
Kai: EXO-L smooch smooch
Kai: Let’s aim for #(t/n: 과탑 means the best in school)
Sehun: It’s over now
Sehun: Goodbye~~~~
Kai: Hello Yeongshim~ (t/n: fan’s name)
Sehun: goodbye~~
Kai: Oh I visited Japan recently but I want to enjoy China outdoors too (t/n: outdoors meaning outside of concert/stages)
Kai: I don’t wanna leave (t/n: the chatroom)
Lay: Sorry I was a bit late because I was practicing
Kai: (t/n: your) mom will scold you
Kai: I like cats
Sehun: I’m dizzy…
Kai: Like us forever
Sehun: Did you all eat?
Kai: Loyal EXO-L? (t/n: ‘일편단심’ means being devoted to only one thing)
Sehun: Food is the most important
Lay: Hello
Sehun: Food. You must eat well
Kai: Everyone, eat chicken today
Kai: I’m also thinking of eating it
Sehun: I really always eat well
Kai: I’m gonna eat at Kyochon
Sehun: Food is the best
Kai: Spicy is the best
Lay: Computer…
Kai: I really know many good food places
Kai: We need a supercomputer here
Sehun: After this I’m gonna go eat
Kai: I can’t communicate with our many EXO-L’s
Lay: You miss us, right?
Sehun: They said this (t/n: computer) is the best
Lay: Me too
Sehun: They said this notebook is the best (t/n: unclear whether he meant this notebook, or notebooks in general are the best)
Kai: Nowadays it’s impossible for me to eat a whole chicken alone
Sehun: What//on earth//is this
Kai: Supercomputer
Sehun: On your first meal, you have to eat rice
Sehun: Rice!!!
Sehun: hehehe
Lay: How is it, is this fun?
Kai: But I gained weight hehe (t/n: unclear which one he meant)
Sehun: Ryu Haji (t/n: most likely fan’s name)
Kai: I gained 1kg
Sehun: What are you saying, what do you mean by overdose
Sehun: EXO-L is the best!!
Lay: Thank you
Kai: Let’s do one last question!!
Sehun: Kwak Hyejin
Kai: I can’t do that
Lay: Thank you for making me 숲 (t/n: not sure what he meant bc 숲 is a forest, but this is most likely a typo. 숲 sounds like.. soup??)
Sehun: I don’t want to, do well on your college entrance exam~~ hehe
Sehun: Son Jieun
Kai: I think the name EXO-L is so pretty
Lay: Everyone
Sehun: I also treasure you a lot!!!
Lay: What is happiness
Lay: That’s right
Kai: You know that place where you write posts that are like letters, I go there a lot
Sehun: Then I won’t speak..
Lay: It’s now (t/n: answering his happiness question)
Kai: Me too~
Sehun: I don’t apply anything to it, I apply my saliva (t/n: um… maybe they asked about his lips?)
Lay: Ah kkaepsong this computer seriously…
Sehun: Maybe it’s innate…
Kai: I like being dark.. Doesn’t it mean that everyone has their own charm
Lay: Our company has a lot of money but our computer…..
Sehun: ohorat~
Kai: Monggu appeared on TV a few times more.. He’s more popular than Jjanggoo and Jjangah
Sehun: Koo Hee Eun
Kai: I saw this post a lot chino chino (t/n: the pants?)
Lay: Happiness is now
Kai: I should sing better
Lay: Everyone, even if it’s a little late please wait a little bit more
Kai: You can see this later slowly right?
Kai: I feel like our fans won’t be able to see our posts because the posts keep piling up quickly
Sehun: Everyone, I’m posting on insta now
Lay: I will always come here when I have time
Kai: Kekekkeek
Kai: Kekeke Insta and those things, they’re so complicated
Kai: For me even the official homepage is complicated
Sehun: Kekekek
Kai: I like easy things!
Sehun: I posted it
Lay: Make sure to eat regularly
Kai: We’ll get going, I will make a post on the official homepage soon wait for it~ I will remember the 1st one to comment!!!!
Sehun: Goodbye everyone.. It was very fun… I’m gonna go eat, EXO-L is jjang!!!
Sehun: Kyakyakya
Sehun: Mimimi
Sehun: Mamama
Sehun: Momomomo
Sehun: Mumumumu
Sehun: Kikikiki
Sehun: I’m 65 (t/n: no context whatsoever)
Sehun: Heheheh
Sehun: Hihihihi
Sehun: I don’t wanna go
Sehun: I wanna stay here
Sehun: I don’t wanna go
Sehun: Stop them
Sehun: They’re telling me to turn it off
Sehun: Enough
Sehun: What do I do
Sehun: I can’t leave
Sehun: I’m not leaving
Kai: All our EXO-L, thank you always and I miss you and love you. Take care of your health as well and eat regularly and you know that you all are always pretty so you don’t have to lose weight or anything like that right keke
Sehun: I’m not leaving
Sehun: I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving
Sehun: Long phrase
Sehun: Hehehhe
Kai: I’ll tell them next time that we should do it again (t/n: directed to Sehun most likely)
Sehun: I don’t wanna leave
Sehun: Stop them
Sehun: They told me to turn it off already
Sehun: Kekekek
Kai: I’ll leave~~~~~ Smooch smooch
Sehun: Goodbye~~~~~
Lay: Everyone, it’s over now I have to leave now. I will forever remember the love you all give us
Lay: I’m leaving
Lay: oohjjoojjoo healing healing don’t get sick (t/n: ‘ooh jjoo joo’ are noises that people make to babies)
Sehun: heart heart
Lay: Thank you
Sehun: Next time let’s do this with our 2,700,000 EXO-L’s
Sehun: Let’s do it with 2,700,000 people
Sehun: I love you
Sehun: Goodbye
Sehun: I’m really leaving
Sehun: Hehe

Lay’s Chinese replies:
Lay: You guys reply for the second round
Lay: It’s too fast
Lay: Sorry (t/n: in Chinese) Sorry (t/n: in English) Sorry (t/n: in Korean)
Lay: You guys are too fast. Make sure to take care of yourselves
Lay: Lu Ge is resting in Beijing
Lay: Thank you
Lay: Alright, alright, thank you
Lay: I can write in Chinese, but this computer changes to Chinese too slowly. I apologize, hope you can understand
Lay: Right now I only have 200 pieces (t/n: of the t-shirts that he gave away during his birthday party)
Lay: You guys need to take good care of yourselves
Lay: Right here
Lay: Don’t rush (t/n: be patient)
Lay: Our company needs to get new computers
Lay: It’s (t/n: the computer) is freezing like crazy
Lay: Thank you guys, using the keyboard input method is such a pain
Lay: I miss you guys too
Lay: Thank you guys for supporting my birthday
Lay: Hello
Lay: It might be too fast here (t/n: meaning the messages might be loading too fast), I can’t read them in time
Lay: Have you all eaten yet?
Lay: Hope you guys can eat well, sleep well and have good energy
Lay: We have to leave right now because this computer (t/n: meaning the computer freezing) has taken up a lot of time. I hope you guys can understand and won’t mind this issue. Next time there will be other opportunities (t/n: other opportunities to talk to them). To the fans who didn’t receive the t-shirts, don’t be unhappy either, there will be more chances in the future! Thank you everyone for all of your support and love, you guys have put in a lot of hard work.
Lay: Thank you everyone

trans: fy-exo | source: light_921

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